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I'm searching for a cure.

17 June
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Hello, my name is Jeremiah, but most people just call me Dad! or Jerry...whichever seems more sencable. Anyways, I'm some fat kid who lives in some dead-end town. I spend alot of my time in my room playing games of...whatever sort...mostly MMORPGs, RPGs, Fighters (2d...specifically GGx2 w00t), and Bemani games (DDR, Beatmania IIDX, Pop'n'music (whenever Austin is around)). I have few friends in this dead-end town, but most my friends live about 40-50 miles away, which sorta ticks me off...but oh well! I also enjoy music of almost any genre, but if I must name some they would be trance, electronica, classical, jazz, house, folk, folk-metal, adult alturnitive, a very select group of hip-hop artists (give it up for the sage! w00t w00t!), There's more but I'm to lazy to keep typing. Anyways, I think thats enough about me for now...goodbye!